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  • Great Review for Nino’s performance in "Thaïs"

    Read the great review of Nino’s performance in the title role of "Thaïs" in Los Angeles Opera’s current production.

    "Nino Machaidze, She showed again that she is one of the great lyric sopranos of our present day” -Opera Warhorses

    Click here to view the full review.

  • Pro Ópera Magazine recently caught up with Nino and interviewed her about her life and career. Read the full article here!

  • Nino awarded "Premios Liricos Campoamor" Prize

    Congratulations to Nino as she has recently been awarded the "Premios Liricos Teatro Campoamor" in Spain for "Best female opera singer of year". Here she is receiving her award at the ceremony.

  • “Absolutely Fabulous” writes Art of Singing about Nino’s voice

    Art of Singing recently praised Nino’s singing – read a short excerpt here:

    "Nino Machaidze obtains an absolutely fabulous voice that shows her unique charm in singing. The treble voice is bright, lyrical, and glows with pearl luster. Even at the highest pitch, her voice warms and dims at every part. On the other hand, her well-rounded ability to perform all types of characters makes her stand out from the rest of the crew: the graceful Manon, the dramatic Juliet, and the gorgeous Elvira. The beautiful voice of Nino Machaidze leaps and rises as if it is sent from above, flying on the wings of her singing heart."

    Click here to view the full article (Chinese only).

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